Piano Lessons

shapeimage_5_med_hrWhat you can expect in a piano lesson….

In the time of quarantine and quiet, when there is so much in the world that is not beautiful or sensitive, making music is one of the most intimate and beautiful things we can do- as a performer and as a focused listener. Making music gives you a wonderful insight into yourself, as well as as a listener to the beauty of music and art around you. Having it taken away now makes everyone more aware of this, and how we need to have a deeper relationship with cultivating that beauty and understanding. 

Over the years, I have taught the piano to every level and age of student. There is no level or age that I will not consider teaching, and to my knowledge I have never had a student that did not enjoy piano lessons or make progress at the art of playing the piano. Sometimes they dont like the practising part though….:)

Why should you play the piano? Here are some of my thoughts about the entire process and the importance of music in our lives.

Especially in this time of quarantine and being forced to be in a reflective time with yourself and your emotions- sharing music with each each other is not as easy as was- and is something that was often taken for granted. There is something very spiritual about learning to express yourself in music, and learning to do this now is the best time you have to explore. While working hard on technic, skills and repertoire is critical too, I find the students who are most successful are also on a lifelong journey with music and its role with themselves. 

As a teacher, I am very interested in developing a holistic approach for a student’s understanding of themselves, and the important role that music can play in communicating and expressing one’s self to others. Learning the piano is a great way to learn about disapline- how to practise, study, and to do these things consistently. It has been my experience as a teacher that among the most meaningful experiences a student can have is to express themselves to others through playing the piano and listening to music. To do this, there is a process of daily practising, of learning to listen, and of being more aware of each thing you do as a player.

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As a teacher of piano, and as a coach of singers, I am always ultimately searching for relaxation in playing, intellectual and musical challenges, and finding that special piece of music which can help the student grow, learn and thrill in the joy of making music and being creative. Learning about styles, composers, and how composers and music fit into the societies they were written in, as well as how they reflect today- are also really important to creating grounded, beautiful music. 

At the same time as I strive for the artistic and creative, there is also a huge importance in practical technical training. I teach a solid technical foundation to assist the student accomplish their musical goals, and I can prepare students for exam programs (such as the Royal Conservatory of Music), festival classes, and competitions, and beyond.  And yes, I teach remotely- on Zoom, Skype, FaceTime – or any medium the student would like. I have a studio in Downtown Vancouver, and I also teach at the VSO School of Music.

My students have achieved top marks in examinations, and have gone on to University Studies, as well as programs in Collaborative Arts, summer programs, and special studies at the highest levels.

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