Making a childhood dream come true doesn’t always turn into an adult adventure.  I wanted to learn to play the piano but had no idea how to find a teacher that would be good with adults.  Fortunately, fate stepped in and I was introduced to Greg.  Learning to play the piano was really going to happen!  This would only be a start to my education.  I would learn patience and trust. I would learn things about myself that would help in facing life’s ups and downs.  I would learn to improve my posture and how to relax my shoulders, arms and hands.  Greg taught me how to do some of the boring but extremely necessary technical stuff such as naming notes on the treble and bass clef, playing scales and counting and later on he introduced me to major and minor keys – all the while constantly stressing the importance of these skills on a very regular basis.  Learning a piece of music is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle and Greg showed me how to put these pieces together.  He began with a basic process and as my skills improved the process expanded to incorporate the next piece of the puzzle and slowly the music began to take shape.  Greg has endless amounts of patience and a wonderful sense of humour.  At the same time is demanding in his expectations but very flexible, knowing that life as an adult does not always go as planned.  He knows when to push and when to back off.  Greg’s teaching skill and intuition work together and make learning to play the piano a fun and exciting experience.” 

  • a former adult student

I am so impressed by the depth of Dr. Caisley’s knowledge. He is full of interesting stories and information about composers and repertoire. This helps bring the music to life, and has added so much to my appreciation of the pieces I am playing. At the same time, his patience, sense of humour, and sensitivity to my own individuality have made me feel secure- and this has really improved my self esteem and confidence. Instead of something I sometimes dreaded, my piano lessons have become something that is positive and inspiring. As a consequence, I am motivated to put more effort into my practising and performance.

  •  a former ARCT student.