Why Music Festivals?

IMG_2554As an adjudicator for a wide variety of piano, vocal and string chamber music classes in Music Festivals in Canada and the United States for almost 25 years, I have been in places as geographically diverse as Fort McMurray, Toronto, Powell River, B.C., and many musical communities between.  Every spring I travel throughout Canada encouraging and educating thousands of performers young and old, and have the honour of listening to and coaching musicians and teachers as they work towards a greater understanding of the challenges of expression and communication through “art music”. I do this because as a young musician I was greatly inspired by the many wonderful teachers and musicians that I worked with, and this is a way that I can share my experience with the communities and musicians that are further from the larger metropolitan areas of Canada.

In some ways, Music festivals are a microcosm of our communities- they give us a chance to come together and learn what we are capable of, and to be inspired by those around us. I feel it is my job to facilitate this in each community I travel to, and encourage all performers, teachers and listeners to strive for the highest standards of detailed work and appreciation. It is my goal to make the Music Festival experience a positive and encouraging one for all participants, as well as inspiring both sScreen Shot 2014-11-27 at 10.27.52 AMtudent and teacher to strive for constant improvement in their chosen craft.

I am extremely proud of the fact that many festivals have asked me to return several times over the years, and many of the largest festivals in Canada have asked me to adjudicate both Senior and Junior piano classes, as well as chamber music and song (lieder) classes, as I am comfortable in all these areas. I have references from Music Festival Committees available on request. Please see my testimonial page for some examples of feedback from festivals I have adjudicated.

For more information about the Canadian Music Festival Adjudicator’s Association, of which I am secretary, please click here: